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“Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! When the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand. And they covet fields, and take them by violence; and houses, and take them away: so they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage. Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, against this family do I devise an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks; neither shall ye go haughtily: for this time is evil. In that day shall one take up a parable against you, and lament with a doleful lamentation, and say, We be utterly spoiled: he hath changed the portion of my people: how hath he removed it from me! turning away he hath divided our fields. Therefore thou shalt have none that shall cast a cord by lot in the congregation of the LORD”
(Micah 2: 1-5).

What Really Happened Recently at the Church of Israel?
Here is the truth about the Scott Stinson separation from the Church of Israel. I know, because I was there when everything took place. I was the one who originally donated the funds to build homes for two young ministers, at the request of Pastor Dan Gayman. One of those ministers was Scott Stinson, and the money for his home never touched a Church of Israel bank account, never flowed through Church of Israel hands. The funds for both Scott Stinson’s and Reed Benson’s homes came from a 501 (c) 3 charitable foundation, funded by Jerry Gentry. As a result, Jerry Gentry was recently asked by Scott Stinson to come and represent him to Dan Gayman, as the only means Scott knew of whereby he might be treated fairly and equitably in a friendly separation. Here is the story of those negotiations and the final written agreement Here is the story of the subsequent unraveling of the agreement by Pastor Dan Gayman. Here is the truth, issued for the purpose of countering the spin of Pastor Dan Gayman, who has become the "slick Willie" of Schell City!
by Jerry Gentry
I never ever thought that I would be writing an article such as this, about Dan Gayman, a man I love and a man who has loved me, I thought. Let me say that it gives me little pleasure to write what he will undoubtedly now say is a smear. It is a sad day in my life, now that I feel I have been so lied to and so deceived, so maligned, so flattered, seduced and manipulated, even accused of being a criminal, that I would simply have to write the truth so that everyone interested can know what did and what did not take place concerning the recent Scott Stinson separation from the Church of Israel.

Let me say that Scott Stinson is one of my best friends. . . not so much because I like him, but because I care about him and his family. I admire his and Lori's results as exemplified in their seven children. Scott and I have prayed together, debated theology together, shouted together, apologized together, cried together, at times hated together, and later prayed some more together! Through it all, I have always come back again and again with Scott Stinson to a closer friendship than before.

I wish I could also say that of Pastor Dan Gayman, who once told me, "Jerry, I would die for you." I once believed he would have done that. It is a spin that I bought into big time. But no more. I know the truth now. Pastor Dan Gayman desperately needs spiritual deliverance. I know that Pastor Dan Gayman has not only lied about me; he has also lied to me. He has proved by his recent actions to have given himself over to a duplicitous dissembler spirit. Through all the outward kindnesses, three words describe Pastor Dan Gayman best. Carefully camouflaged with false sincerity, he flatters, seduces and manipulates others. He now exemplifies the negative side of his exhorter gift. If you don’t want to see the evidence that this is true, then you should stop reading this article right now. In fact, you should get off this website entirely, because letter after letter, correspondence after correspondence, statement after statement, will prove to you the truth of the three words flattery, seduction and manipulation. It is the truth. It is not spin.

Let me go back a bit, and tell you of my personal involvement with the Church of Israel. In 1986-1987 I read Dan Gayman’s booklet entitled "The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15." I was impressed with this material, and within six months of study I became a true "seedliner." During that time I wrote to Pastor Dan Gayman. I became a reader of the Watchman. I also received many of the other COI printed materials. I devoured much of the truth about Israel, the heritage materials, and the Bible in general as taught by Pastor Gayman. When he and the local congregation studied the sabbath issue during the late 1980’s, I was here in Texas writing to him in favor of keeping the seventh day sabbath. Only after the COI adopted the seventh day sabbath did I travel to Schell City for one of the annual feast days. I immediately "fell in love" with the COI, and soon it became "my church" where I seldom missed an annual festival since 1989.

As my involvement there increased, so did my marital problems (incidentally, I believe) which only recently ended in divorce. I had received countless hours of "counseling" and prayer from all the COI ministers, especially Pastor Gayman. He did his best for me, but there was no way he or any man could change a leopard’s spots. . . no way to fix the marriage of two unequally yoked people. That is not the story for this article. However, during my protracted 6 year separation (1995-2000), I was saved at a local Baptist church in Texas, praise God! I had long known the Bible, even have college degrees in theology and music. I knew the book, but I did not know the Lord. Somehow all those prior years in the COI had not moved my heart from the old Jerry Gentry, "the pharisee" who thanked God he was not as other men, to "the publican," who beat his breast and prayed, "God have mercy on me a sinner." That prayer finally came for Jerry Gentry in the balcony of a local Baptist church in Longview, Texas, in 1996. At that late time, I finally trusted Jesus for salvation, and life has not been the same since.

Prior to that time I had been very active in the COI, in various ways. I had given Bible lessons from the pulpit. I had written for the Watchman. I had been a faithful tithe payer and giver to various ministries of the COI. I had donated thousands of dollars worth of used brass instruments for brass choir. I had conducted cantatas. I had sung in the choir. I had sold my company and made a final tithe donation of over $600,000.00 to various ministries of or associated with the COI. Within the past year, I obliged Pastor Dan Gayman’s request for help with the media, who were "spinning" the COI quite negatively in mid-late 1999. I conceptualized, developed, printed and delivered a professional Press Kit as a gift to the COI. On my own in late 1999, and without request of any minister or board member at all, I registered domains, conceptualized, developed and posted a website for the Church of Israel. Once it was up and running, I phoned Pastor Dan and asked him to look at it, which he did. He called me back and exclaimed: "Leave it up!" He was extremely happy, even ecstatic, with the website. He told me to post whatever I wanted to post there. I was careful to post only the things that would make the COI look good in the eyes of the public, never anything questionable. He has never asked me to remove anything from the site, and has always from the beginning and through July, 2000, praised this site as a job well done! I have his letters which prove these claims.

To backtrack a bit, four years ago, my firstborn son Brad came down with cancer here. After six months Brad died. During his sickness, I stayed with him almost every night. Since he was not much of a talker, I had plenty of time, which I used for writing many articles for the Watchman publication. Initially, most of my articles received rave reviews from Pastor Dan Gayman, usually with a private letter by fax or by phone call. I remember during the summer of 1997 when he first preached one of my articles entitled, "The Love That Satisfies." He quoted whole sections of my article from the pulpit during his sabbath sermon. I remember how fine I felt upon hearing the tape of that sermon, how I received his phone call here later the afternoon after he had preached that article, how he apologized for using my material without having gotten permission! I assured him that it was fine with me, and how blessed I felt in having been used of God in such a way. His encouragement inspired me to write more. Since that time he has used many of my articles from his pulpit.

I continued to write, and have submitted well over 100 articles for the Watchman during the past 4 years. A handful have appeared in print, and all of my articles are now posted free at our local home church website. During June, 2000, I read an article in the Watchman which was a "Checklist for Perceivers." I had seen such lists for prophet types sometimes in the Watchman before. I remember thinking, "Why is it that we see lists for "prophets" or "perceivers," but have never once seen a "Checklist for Exhorters," or "Caution List for Teachers," or "Checklist for Mercy Persons?" It appeared to me that the Church of Israel had become, or was becoming, a "non-prophet" organization! What I mean is that the COI appeared to have an unbalanced approach to the gifts. From the amount of time and space given each, the prophet was the most talked about and most maligned gift of all the gifts. It was the gift that the leadership there loved to hate, I felt. And. . . it was my gift! I wrote to Pastor Dan Gayman and told him these things. Ultimately, I challenged him to write a "Checklist for Exhorters." Well, you might guess how that went over. . . about like an elephant trying to do a pole vault! So I forgot about the idea for the time being.

A few weeks later I was reminded of that idea from someone else. So I decided to try my hand at writing something on the exhorter gift, and right out of my keyboard immediately popped "Three Words for Exhorters," almost too easy, even for Mr. Verbiage Man himself! I was two thirds through the article almost before coming up for air! I thought, wow, I better call for prayer on this thing, before I go any further. So I picked up the phone and called. . . you guessed it, Pastor Dan Gayman. I told him what I was working on, and that the purpose of my call was to ask for prayer, that whatever I would ultimately write would not just be a "finger pointing" exercise from an out of control perceiver chasing against the exhorter. What I wanted was to let God teach me, and teach us all about the exhorter gift and particularly the down side of that gift. Pastor Dan welcomed my call and said he would go into prayer for me, and that he would "welcome anything Jerry Gentry will write on the exhorter gift." I felt better, and went ahead and finished the article.

Here at dangayman.com you will read the rest of the story. . . how Pastor Dan Gayman rejected the article and why. . . how he five times in that letter asked me to get feedback from others on the article, how he later deliberately "spun" the article against me when he saw the comments of others were largely in favor of the article.

You will see from his private hand written letter to Scott Stinson how he misrepresented the truth about me. . . warned against associating with me. . . associated me with a "circus!" when all I had done was exactly what he asked me to do. . . that is, get the comments of others.

You are beginning now to see why I have concluded that Pastor Dan Gayman is a deluded man. . . he often casts a dangerous spell on visitors who come into his office, or who listen to him on the telephone. He is so "loving" and "kind" and "compassionate." But behind that facade is a forked tongue. . . he has spoken kind words to my face, but he has also stabbed me in the back! This man is under the influence of a spirit. . . you dear reader must discern that spirit. The facts and letters posted here at dangayman.com are intended to help you discern and "try the spirits." Some of you will conclude that "Jerry Gentry is just out to destroy Dan Gayman. . . that this is just a personal dispute, and Jerry Gentry has posted these things here to get back at Dan Gayman." If that be true, then why have I waited so long, when I am already "gone," after having been told to stay away from a recent Fall Feast of Tabernacles, having already suffered the trashing of my reputation by this man? Why now? Why not 3 years ago, or two years ago? Why have I "hung in there" for so long? The singular answer is: loyalty. I am a loyal person. It is primarily to uphold the reputation of Scott Stinson that this website was created. I am involved, and you are entitled to read my "spin" on what has happened. I say "spin," not because it is less than the truth, but because my enemies will undoubtedly call even the facts "spin." They don’t seem to know the difference between the truth and a lie, fact and fancy. They have given new meaning to the idea that "spin is in."

It was only because of my tithe in 1994, part of which was earmarked for the building of two homes for two young ministers, that I was recently asked to represent Scott Stinson to Pastor Dan Gayman. Now get one thing clear: These were negotiations. . . not extortion. . . not coercion. . .not felony theft. . . as Pastor Dan Gayman has recently publicly recast those very talks. If those were extortion, why did he not phone the authorities during that three day period when the talks were going on? The documents posted here will prove to the careful reader that there was a peaceful separation agreement between Scott Stinson and Pastor Dan Gayman. To "coerce" or "extort" implies some type of force. Pastor Dan Gayman and the ministers were not forced to do anything, as the documents prove. I negotiated on Scott's behalf. . . I asked for the house and 80 acres. Dan said, "No." I then asked, Ok, will you deed the house and 40 acres? Dan Gayman still said, "No." I waited. After silence, Pastor Dan Gayman spoke up and said (God is my witness), "Scott can have his house and the 13 1/2 acres where it sits, including the 10 acres behind his house, which is really the best part of the whole 80 acres." I said, OK, I'll present that to Scott, which I later did and he accepted. This does not constitute "coercion" or "extortion?" If I had been "extorting" these things, do you think I would have "negotiated down?" When you "extort" from someone, you are exercising power to get whatever you want. If I had had the power of "extortion" at my disposal, then I certainly would have "demanded" the 80 acres I asked for, and I would have gotten that! It does not take a degree in rocket science to see the difference between "negotiation" and "extortion." In addition, Pastor Dan Gayman asked that Scott use his influence to remove an article from a then upcoming issue of a Bo Gritz' newsletter. Scott made the phone call to Bo and got him to remove that article.

Further, the monetary severance pay that was given freely to Scott Stinson was counted out of a Church of Israel office safe that contained some $42,669.00 cash inside, recently reported in the handwriting of Pastor Gray Clark by internal memo to Pastor Dan Gayman! If this negotiation had been "extortion," I would have demanded everything! I would have said, "Stick 'em up! Give me all the money!" It was available, and extortionists (bank robbers) generally take all the cash in sight! No, the cash severance Scott Stinson received was carefully counted out in the presence of three ministers and myself, and a "Gift Receipt for Cash" was issued by the Church of Israel to "Scott Stinson Ministries," and witnessed by the signatures freely given by all three ministers and myself. "Extortionists" do not bother to give a receipt! In fact, they just grab the money, run and count it later. No, dear reader, this was not "extortion" by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is slander to publicly accuse someone of "criminal extortion" when no "extortion" took place. And I believe Scott Stinson has been slandered by Pastor Dan Gayman. I believe the documents you will see posted here prove that these men signed their names willingly, and later simply changed their minds. I now believe Pastor Dan Gayman had that up his sleeve all along! An attorney I spoke with who works in the State Attorney General's office used the term "buyer's remorse!"

Further I offered as a final gesture to Pastor Dan Gayman to end my work on and control of the COI website, and to turn it back to whomever he chose. I asked Pastor Dan to for a payment/s of $20,000 to be paid over the next year so as not to cause any hardship. He agreed to do that price and terms. The figure was suggested to me by my son Derek, who develops websites professionally and felt that was a fair market value. It was a request, not a demand. Pastor Dan agreed and we shook on it. That was not a part of any written agreement, but as men we both knew exactly what was agreed to without a doubt.

One final item. . . the "negotiations" took three days to complete (November 13-15), and on the last day Pastor Dan Gayman asked if I would come to his office after Wednesday night Bible Study for a few minutes. . . I said sure! I had not a clue as to what this would be about. It turned out that Dan Gayman felt Scott Stinson still had certain potentially damaging documents stored in a bank lock box. Well into that final meeting with Pastor Dan it came clear as to why he had asked me to be there. He was concerned that somehow those documents constituted a "gun to his head." I saw his point and conceded, and that from one perspective Scott’s new ministry was also locked up there, if there existed potentially damaging papers. I told Pastor Dan emphatically that I thought Scott should send all potentially damaging evidence to the burn barrel, and that I would do my best to effect that, based on the good faith signed agreements. I took his message to Scott, who agreed to give me everything potentially damaging. I phoned Dan around midnight and told him I had a box full of paperwork ready to burn the following morning. He said, praise God! He and I met together at the burn barrel the following morning and burned it all.

The evening before, Dan had asked to record my voice, saying "Jerry I may not again hear your voice in this life. . . do you mind if I put you on the tape recorder?" I said OK. After almost an hour of recording, I realized I had been led into things that were far more than just "my voice!" I asked, "Dan, do I need to be concerned as to who might hear that tape?" He said, "Absolutely not, Jerry. This is for my ears only," as he was making me a copy. I said, "OK Dan, then I will not even play this for Scott." Less than two weeks later that very tape was purported to have been placed in the hands of COI attorney Kendall Vickers! So much for Pastor Dan Gayman’s word! He lied to me, and that is the specific reason I chose the domain name of "dangayman.com" for posting these things. I believe when a man claims to be a minister of God and lies, that the truth should still be posted in his name.
“And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.
And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you” (II Peter 2:2-3).
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