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Shining the Light on a Family in Darkness
“Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! When the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand. And they covet fields, and take them by violence; and houses, and take them away: so they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage. Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, against this family do I devise an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks; neither shall ye go haughtily: for this time is evil. In that day shall one take up a parable against you, and lament with a doleful lamentation, and say, We be utterly spoiled: he hath changed the portion of my people: how hath he removed it from me! turning away he hath divided our fields. Therefore thou shalt have none that shall cast a cord by lot in the congregation of the LORD”
(Micah 2: 1-5).

These comments on “Three Words for Exhorters” are from COI members and visitors in good standing (no dissident former members were contacted) from both the festival and local congregations. Attendance varies from 3 to 20+ years. No “baiting” was used to influence comments in any way, nor had any comments been read by others, prior to their making their individual comments. All names are withheld and no comments received to date were left out. This is not a scientific study, but it represents a fair sampling of current COI members and friends whose beliefs are doctrinally in accord with the thrust of the Church of Israel.

Comment #1:

“I think it's an article that gets to the heart of the matter. However, I don't think that a truly out of control exhorter will recognize himself/herself when they read this. When a person has gone as far down the "dark side" as you suggest, that person is in denial of their own wretchedness. Do you really feel that way about [name withheld]? . . If you want to be effective, why not call this article the first in a series? That way, you could write about the "dark side" of the other gifts as well, thus, softening the blow. . . Moreover, each person that has a recognized gift will look forward to the next article. . . In fact, why not start the series with the perceiver, that way you could attack yourself first. After that, the readers would be more receptive to the truth of the next article in the series. This is not to say that the article is not valid or well written. Quite the contrary. It's too on-point, if that's possible. For that reason, the idea of covering all gifts is desirable. There is so much more I could say. . .”

Comment #2:

“Well, you really chopped the legs off [name withheld]. "Seduce" is harsh, no question. . . Isn't there a gentler way to get your point across? We are serious, Jerry. The article is harsh, and NO doubt will be taken personally. . . As for the article, we've even been thinking you shouldn't send it at all. We just don't feel it will do any good. God Bless.”

Comment #3:

“The article is good. It reads well, and I like it. I am an exhorter, and can see how easy it is to slide into that “dark side,” without even knowing it at times. . .”

Comment #4:

“No question this is all true. He [name withheld] needs to hear it. He will not like it, for the very reasons you state. He really doesn't want your honest opinion. How to get through to him?????? God only knows. Maybe this will. . . It addresses his very nature. I would be surprised if it helped him to be more open and honest, but, certainly that would be the hope. Everyone of us has pride that needs to be laid aside. This will cut him to the core. You will not win friends, but, maybe you will influence people with this very personal assault on what he [name withheld] probably considers one of his greatest blessings. You will really put your head on the chopping block with this one. . .”

Comment #5:

“As far as your lesson which I just finished reading. . . it was good for what it was on the negative side of an 'exhorter,' but it seemed to be all negative without much encouragement balance the other way; more like a put down. All I can ask or say about it is ‘Are you having trouble with [name withheld] lately?’”

Comment #6

“It sounds like the Holy Spirit is guiding you to clearly state what others have tried to say but failed to get across. . . don’t change it or let your own feelings get too involved. This is very important, and the timing is crucial. . . It gets to the heart of the real reasons why so many people have come and gone over the last 20 years.”

Comment #7:

“I began reading it after I finished packing the night you sent it, and could not stop until I had finished it. Your article makes a point that I have never heard, or thought about before. I think you made your case very well. Thanks for sharing it with us.”

Comment #8:

“Thank you for sending me your article - it was a good read. Is this the first in a series dealing with spiritual gifts, or is this aimed at someone particular?. . . The “Exhorter” lesson. . . in my opinion - tended to ramble.”

Comment #9:

“After reading your article "Three Words for Exhorters" a couple of times, we do desire to share with you a couple of thoughts. Firstly, it is very interesting and quite colorfully written. We enjoyed some of the phrases you came up with.

“Jerry, you are a very talented writer and quite passionate in your presentations and that is good. But in our opinion we can understand how people have perceived that this is a direct attack against [name withheld]. The second sentence of the article appears to be setting the stage that this message is directed to ministers. You already know you have "opened a can of worms" because of the reaction you have experienced.

“Now, this brings us to something we wish to say, but without any rancor on our part, any condemnation, judgements, or ill feelings. We do not believe that your real motivation to write this article (conscious or subconscious) is because of anything [name withheld] has done to you in your life. But, we are curious as to what prompted you to write such an article?

“Jerry, here we go with stepping on toes. We believe that you have written this article for, and about [name withheld].

[Name withheld] is an exhorter. You have been deeply wounded by. . . [this person's] "flattery, seduction, and manipulation". You have experienced. . . [this person's] ‘dark side of an exhorter’. You have witnessed first hand. . . [this person's] ‘covert double mindedness and dissembling’. You have seen. . . [this person's] ‘disguise or conceal behind a false appearance’. You have witnessed. . . [this person's] ‘flattery, seduction, and manipulation’ of [name withheld]. You trusted. . . [this person, who], conned you. You saw. . . [this person] ‘out of control, making compromises in his heart that he has not told you about." ‘You have been used. You resent it, naturally and rightly. You have been flattered, seduced and manipulated." (Jerry, we could go on and on quoting from your article....the bottom line is repeated over and again. You have witnessed first hand flattery, seduction, and manipulation by an exhorter and you are hurting.)

“We would encourage you to not send this to anyone else. Please take this in the spirit in which it is sent, with love and concern for you.

“Please pray and think on these things.”

Comment #10:

“Your personal experience with the gift of exhorter has left you personally wounded and these wounds are still open and raw. You would need to submit this article to others for review. What would they tell you? Have other people read this review and if so what have they told you? I personally believe that it is written from a personal bias that results from your own personal life experiences and may not represent a true picture of what may be called the “dark side” of the exhorter gift.

“Suggestion: Allow others to read this and determine if they believe that you have correctly assessed the gift of exhorter.”

Comment #11:

“I have read THREE WORDS FOR EXHORTERS and have found it to be an extraordinary piece of extrapolation of Gods word.  And also learned much from your take of the WORD, as it humbled me, for I have been called an exhorter. . .  Praise God that he gave you the words to put in writing.  

“Thank you for allowing me to read it. I hope and pray for more to come!”

Comment #12:

“I read your article on the dark side of the exhorter. I've been aware of this for quite some time. Your article was correct in almost everything, but it was a bit too gentle based on my experiences. The charismatic quality of the darkened exhorter will be able to manipulate almost ANYONE who would dare to even try to expose him. If he is reprobate, he will be quite a foe, being able to destroy most of his enemies - but for the Grace of God. Since the dark exhorter has so many loving followers, who believe whatever he tells them, anyone pointing out error would only appear as an enemy of God - regardless of whether it was done in love or not. Also, the dark exhorter does not need a contingent of women around him - at least not openly. Yes, I agree with your article and have felt the incredible evil, and secret, power they use - and in places where you would be surprised.”

Comment #13:

“Your very thorough paper on exhorters would seem to cover all the bases, and admittedly I have not studied into this matter to your depth. But, a few questions do come to my mind about this subject which I will share with you:

“1. If exhorters generally are such inspired, gifted, enthusiastic, positive, persistent super-salesmen as your dissertation implies from the very start, why have they been so unsuccessful in converting the masses? Both anciently and today?

“2. I'm not sure I know any super-salesman, enthusiastic, and gung-ho exhorters; I'm not sure I ever have known one. Now, I do know a few very know-it-all and self righteous advisors that I try to avoid as much as possible! Most of the exhorters who have influenced me one way or another have exhibited mostly humble sincerity. Even so, I notice in scripture that most frequently Yahweh sent exhorters with short, blunt, take it or leave it messages!

“In short, it seems to me that you may have tended to over-exalt the exhorters. I would think The Eternal has provided an ample supply, but not necessarily with the marks you seem to have given them. And your misguided exhorters don't have the hard-to-sell task: all they do is make an easy appeal to the carnal self-interest nature of fallen man, and let nature take its course! . . . Please know you are totally free to use my name with the opinions I have expressed. A person who is too timid to reveal his opinion would NOT be much of an exhorter - or helper - or warrior - in my honestopinion!”

Comment #14:

"When the 'carrot' of flattery, seduction and manipulation is held out there . . . we have to make sure our own heart is clean and motives pure. Anything done with an ulterior motive, with the exception of bringing people to God's pure truth and way, is wrong. But I like encouragement and. . . want to be on the "good side" of the exhorter, so I am careful in how I handle "tough situations" which come into my confidence. I choose my words carefully remembering that even a fool is counted as wise when he keeps his words few. . . I sometimes find myself being that flatterer. I was taught that if I did not have something good to say, then don't say anything. I want to be a positive person and have positive thoughts, not negative. I want to uplift others and "gather" by the words I say, not "scatter." I also find that I dislike conflict. It takes away the peace and harmony I enjoy. So, I avoid it like the plague. So, in a way I am a chicken and afraid to confront a "problem area." I dance around the issue and try to put things I say in a palatable manner so as not to hurt anybody's feelings. They call people like me "good mixers." But it can actually be a weakness because the true feelings of my heart, or my thoughts on a certain topic, rarely are spoken in public. If you really want to know what I think you're going to have to "pin me down." It's a self preservation thing, I guess. But, I wonder, being like I am by nature, could I ever really help anyone or solve a problem because I am afraid to say it like it is and have no desire to offend others. That is I think where there is an imbalance in my gifts. Jesus had all those gifts in balance. He knew when to exhort and encourage, he knew when to show mercy, he also knew when to get tough and throw out the "money changers." He also "told it like it was" when he accused the Pharisees of being a generation of vipers. . . . You may be one that is able to see things for what they are and "pin the tail on the donkey." That is a perceiver I think. And then the prophet in you makes you "tell it like it is!" That can be good! But, when people feel their "toes are stepped on" it hurts a little bit and they don't like it! Truth sometimes hurts when it gets close to home. . . But, be willing to be honest in our evaluation of a topic of discussion with a pure heart and no ulterior motives. Be patient, let the Spirit work and pray for others. And above all practice charity and pure love of the brethren. There ain't no law against that!"

Comment #15:

“As we thank our exhorters for all of the "push" there is the old phrase that there is only one thing better than to have somebody giving us a "push" and that is for someone (our exhorter) to give us a pull, and by that I wish more emphasis could be placed on the favorite scripture quote, "Those who call themselves by my NAME===== etc., but not any emphasis in my opinion is made of that marvelous phrase...."AND CHANGE THEIR WAYS"=== and of course, I am referring to the Law, and the Judgments. And nobody (but nobody) wants to talk about the law of usury, of keeping the festivals, and the sabbath as a sign between Our Father and His Chosen. I hope this is not too far off from what you were thinking. Maybe I wandered far afield, but, knowing what we do, and what the Heavenly Father is allowing to happen to His people, in their land, I think that the heathen can now claim this land as theirs, and we better move to Iceland, where we can start anew.”

Comment #16:

“Very good article - [Name withheld] thinks perhaps you should try to condense it.”

Comment #17:

“I have read your article and I don't think I can be of any help to you. I don't agree with it. I don't think an out of control exhorter would become an enchanter or beguiler. I don't think they would use flattery or praise to achieve their goals.  Exhorters don't have the patience for that. They never run from arguments, they finish them. I don't think they bring a little bit of heaven to us, I think they show us where we are going wrong and it might tend to make some people very uncomfortable. 
I know who this is about and I don't agree with you at all! Yes, perhaps, the beginning of messages or phone calls with [name withheld] could be taken as flattery.  However, that is a judgment call. I do not know the heart of this man and I will not judge him for you. Flattery: the act of flattering, excessive, untrue, insincere praise. I am not prepared to say that [name withheld] is insincere. You are walking on thin ice with our God to judge the heart of a brother.
I want nothing more to do with this entire matter.”*
*see footnote (2), for further dialogue

Comment #18:

“First, Jerry, I liked your article. I would have to ask... is it written to anybody in particular? I'm not saying it is, just if it is, this might not be the mode of which to express your point, depending on the person. I will assure anything you say will not go any farther.”

Comment #19:

“Thanks for the words from the exhorter. We’re studying it. It looks good and well founded on the Bible. Good work, Jerry.”

Comment #20:

“Everybody is well. Thank you for asking. Please allow me some time to adequately study this material. After a quick reading, I can not find fault with your content. However, I would like to be able to consider it all more carefully before I give my final opinion. I have never read either of these before and at first glance I am amazed at the stir they reportedly have caused. Anyway, I [will] get back with you ASAP. Thank you for your indulgence. God bless. Your Brother in Christ.”

Comment #21:

“I commend your accurate assessment of the “dark side” of the exhorter. Truth, while often times is hard, nevertheless must be spoken. However, keep in mind our Lord’s command that we must speak the truth in love. Furthermore, where the brethren are concerned our intentions must be redemptive, not punitive. I believe your article stands the test concerning both of these commands. Therefore, the only course of action is to proceed and pray that the Holy Spirit will grant [name withheld] repentance in this carnal area of his life. Lastly, my prayer for you will be that the Lord will give strength and wisdom as to the possible consequences of this article.”

Comment #22:

“Sorry for the delay. I have examined the three words article. My comment is this: This assessment of the exhorter gift is primarily based upon practical experience. Some may feel that it is directed at [name withheld], however it would seem that it is no more directed at him than any other person with a strong exhorter gift. Admonitions concerning the misuse of gifts should be carefully considered by all who have the gift. This article, in my opinion, is no less "fair" than previous articles about perceiver abuses. Rather than viewing this article as a personal attack, it should be viewed, as all admonitions should, as an opportunity to see if in fact we are at fault in a given area. If the motivation of this article is in question, that must be left to God who is the only one who can judge the heart. Our obligation is to determine if we are at fault regardless of the motivation.”


After the above comments came in, all were shared with all others who had previously commented. The responses to the comments are found below, with all names withheld, as before.

Response #1

“Well, one thing is certain: The article was a barely-veiled commentary on
[name withheld], and yet needs to be the first of a series on spiritual
gifts. Is that planned, or is the assumption many made regarding motive*
(Response received 7/21/00 from the person who made comment #8)
*Motive is addressed in a letter response to comment #7 above in footnote(1)).

Response #2

“Thanks for sharing all the comments, I found them quite interesting. I read your Exhorter article with absolutely no bias, but when I was finished, I had a name that I could associate with it. I believe that you could send the article to any group - even mainstream denominations - and they would also associate a name with what you wrote. I did not perceive the article as a personal attack on anyone, but the Truth of God's Word has a way of convicting people who need to be convicted, making it very personal to them.

“I found it interesting that those who expressed concerns about what you wrote did not attempt to convince you that you were in error. I also found it very interesting that all of the others apparently were aware of a problem with, I assume, the same individual. If that is the case, then the problem needs to be dealt with.

“After reading the comments of others, I was reminded of the words Charles Jennings used in his recent message on Race and Common Sense: "Truth is hate only to those who hate the truth."

“I hope you have a wonderful sabbath!”
(Received 07/21/00 from the person who made comment #7)

Response #3

“These responses are amazing. It gives me some hope that the dark exhorter cannot destroy everyone he considers an enemy. Already there are more people than I would have guessed, who seem to be somewhat aware. Immature perceivers may be the most talked about, and they may be hurtful at times, but they are far less destructive to the Body based upon their openness. Deception is the tool of Satan.”
(Received 07/21/00 from the person who made comment #12)

Response #4

“Wow! What terrific comments! It is very encouraging to read the words of the remnant! It just goes to show you that you are on to something! I still like the idea of a series of articles. "Denial" of a dark side of ANY gift is pure vanity! We all have dark sides that must be recognized and purged through the blood of Christ. I will look forward to the next in the series. Hint . . . hint . .”
(Received 07/22/00 from the person who made comment #1)

Response #5

“I have dealt with an exhorter who would "listen" to me when I shared my cautions and concerns with them (up front). They schmoozed me into truly believing that they were thankful for helping them. I thought it was a spirit filled and wonderful exchange. Until I later found out that this exhorter began a smear campaign against me. His tactics worked well. When I tried to tell people the truth, they accused me of viciously slandering the exhorter, when the truth was the other way around. He won. I left it in Christ's hands.

“A big deception of Satan is that we can sin in secret. Be assured, "your sin will find you out" is a truth. These people will eventually fall and fall hard, unfortunately. If only they would listen and repent... and the hard part is you never know... you can never trust them... that's what they do... tell convincing stories.”
(Received 07/22/00 from the person who made comment #12)

Response #6

“You know what I think is the biggest problem in this church? [Name withheld’s] dad died when he was young, and all he had was his mamma. . . he needed a dad to set him straight and teach him how to stand up. He has a personal weakness. He needs to step out from behind his wife, stand up and confront this issue in his own life. . . he needs to practice the motto of the marines: You meet force with equal or greater force. . . first in himself, and in others second. That’s a leader, one who stands for right and is not afraid to confront directly, as Jesus did . . . If he would do that, others would rally behind him with even greater support. We need that kind of leader in the church.”
(Received 07/22/00 from the person who made comment #14)

Response #7

“Jerry, with your revelation of the critiques, and just a slight nudge from one of our brothers, I see the light, and acknowledge the need for your article out of my own personal knowledge.  Lay it on --   you did good!”
(Received 08/05/00 from the person who made comment #13)

Footnote (1)
“Dear XXXXX,

“Thank you for reading my article, "Three Words for Exhorters," and taking time to respond so quickly. I did not know that you guys knew. . . [name withheld] well enough to give such a definitive read on. . . [this person], not to deny anything you said. Though there is an obvious connection, in that. . . [this person] claimed the exhorter gift, . . . [this person’s] problem is lack of conversion, a double life, I believe. . . Without Christ, how could. . . [this person] do anything but exercise the "dark side" of. . . [this person’s] gift? This article is addressed to those "in Christ," who sometimes backslide into that carnal "dark side." Do you see?

“Comments on the article have run the gamut, but are predominately positive. None of us would think for a minute that ministers are immune from such things, and I take it you are not suggesting this. . . And yes, this article is written from my own very personal experience with exhorters. . . as would be expected. I am finding now that my own experience parallels that of many others.

“There's no "can of worms" here. . . response to the article has been good overall, with only a few negatives.

“I was originally uncertain about this article, especially when it received such a strong rejection from [name withheld], who suggested that I let others read it and get their comments. In carrying out his request, I have come to see that many people have focused on their own potential "dark side" and have thanked me for the piece. Some few have linked it to [name withheld]. Whether it applies to him or not is not my call. . . he claims the exhorter gift we all know, and we have all been enormously blessed by his gift. . . is he an out of control exhorter at times? . . . does the article apply to him personally? . . . who am I to say one way or the other? He must answer that.

“However, his rejection of the article does not discourage me at all in this pursuit of Bible truth. He has often asked publicly for correction. I believe he is sincere in making those requests. I have been there before with. . . [name withheld], and intend no disrespect by saying that he has sometimes changed his view, even after initial rejection, of other things I have written and shared with him. You already know this.

“Finally, you suggested I should "pray about it," and not send this to anyone else. This puzzles me. . . I don't know why you would not want a wide audience to read it. The subtle deception, dissembling, etc., tendency of the out of control exhorter must be exposed, for his benefit. How else can he repent? Surely there is an undeniable lesson here for many. To suggest that the article is wrong because I am "wounded," due to a bad. . . [personal relationship with] an exhorter begs the question of it's rightness or wrongness, as applied to all exhorters, don't you think? Even if what you said is true about [name withheld] (and yes, [this person] has hurt me), nothing has changed! I've been flattered and conned by others, and very close to home. I've been doused often, and hung out to dry. Efforts to intimidate are going on quietly, surreptitiously, right now, to silence the truth of this article! Surely I'm not the only one who has experienced the negative side of the exhorter first hand, as comments below confirm. Maybe God is using these bad experiences to teach us all a greater lesson. . . that the ugly side of the out of control exhorter gift must be confronted and exposed, so he/she too can abhor this "dark side" and repent. And is there a lesson for us all, that we must look more to Jesus Christ and less to fallible men, though we must still love all? Open rebuke is better than secret love.

“These are just my thoughts today, and I am in no way hurt by your comments. . . On the contrary, I am seeing more clearly from you and others that the article strikes to the heart of this "dark side" that is often carefully denied and covered up. I am coming to see clearly that any exhorter who denies the possibility of falling into this deep "dark side" of iniquity is living in denial of his own basic wretchedness. He has not yet fully acknowledged his own deceitful and desperately wicked heart, and abhorred himself, as Job finally did. What does this mean? This is just as much true for the out of control exhorter as for the out of control prophet who denies and justifies his "dark side," when he blows his stack in anger and condemnation and finger pointing. Have we all seen a prime example of such in action? Have we at times been guilty ourselves?

“Do we also know beloved exhorters who sometimes have fallen into that deep "dark side” of dissembling and flattery, even mind seduction and manipulation? I think so. I have personally experienced flattery, dissembling, duplicity, manipulation on a pretty broad scale for much of adult my life. . . and particularly during the past 10 years. Some of that is going on in my life right now! Yes, the article is written from personal experience. Some of the people I have loved, supported and helped the most have fallen into this ditch, God bless their souls!. . . It is enough at times to make one want to throw up. But we must help them. They are living in the bondage of their own iniquity. And sometimes these very people have claimed the gift of exhorter. These people need deliverance, just as much as the out of control prophet, and the wounded giver, need deliverance. I believe we must all try on that shoe, and if it fits, we must wear it.

“Nuf said. Thanks for your comments. Below you will find the whole bunch of comments, fyi. Again, thanks for taking the time to read and respond. Your thoughts have helped me greatly. And your concerns are noted and appreciated. You are true friends.

“In Christian love, Jerry”

Footnote (2)
“It is good to hear from you. . . I appreciate your comments. . . may ask you about one thing? I quote from your letter:

‘You are walking on thin ice with our God to judge the heart of a brother.’

“XXXXX, that is quite a judgment call. The article does not judge any particular individual. It is an expose of the negative side of a gift, not of a person. I hope you can see that distinction.

“Because you have given me your comment, below you will find all the comments to date on this article, fyi. From the tone of your email, perhaps you would not want to hear from me again?

“God bless you. Jerry”

(Response from XXXXX in footnote (2) above:
“Jerry: I assume that you are denying your first article was about [name withheld] in any way shape or form, right? If that is the case, I would, also, assume that you got on the net and told all those with "name withheld" in their comments that they, also, made a judgment call and it wasn't about
"name withheld." Some of these people even say "name withheld" needs to hear this. Perhaps, the judgment call was only for those of us who didn't like your article.

“Jerry, if I am wrong about this, and my judgment is usually pretty sound, then you write a paper seriously denying your article was aimed at "name withheld" and put that out on the net, especially to all those people that have given you comments and you will have a sincere apology from me, I will
ask for your forgiveness and go on my knees before Yahweh God.

“You can say it wasn't aimed at "name withheld," however, you aren't doing anything about stopping people from reading comments that have been made to you about "name withheld" and it is smearing him all over the internet and I think that is wrong. If you aren't trying to get to "name withheld," then why don't you just print the part of the comments that say, "yes," your article was good, or, "no," it wasn't good? We all know who "name withheld" is and we can all see that it is wrong to print these comments on the net.

“If anyone thinks they recognize someone they know in your article, that should be between them and the person they recognize, not published on the net.”

(Answer to response immediately above);
“Dear XXXXX,

“Thank you for giving me your thoughts below, and for clarifying your views on "name withheld," who had requested that I get the comments of others on my exhorter article. As a writer, how do I properly and openly report those comments? If I report them to [name withheld], do I also report them to all who commented, for the benefit of each? I think so. How do I avoid embarrassment to any individual? I do so by removing all names. These comments were requested in writing by [name withheld.] I merely followed his request in asking for comments of others, then shared the comments anonymously with [name withheld] and all others who commented, and no one else. To imply that I have scattered these indiscriminately over the internet is wrong. I will perhaps post all comments along side the article, which is already posted, at some future point. I believe the comments are equally or more instructive than the article itself!

“Please do not assume that [name withheld] is the same person throughout the comments. It is not. There are at least four different individuals involved as [name withheld]. So which is which, really? Can anyone say for certain that [name withheld] is in fact [name withheld?] Have some of those readers commenting jumped to a conclusion? Now if the article accurately identifies the "dark side" of the exhorter gift, and if some of those commenting think of a name due to their own personal experience, then they may be right or wrong. You see, the whole idea here is to identify a problem with a gift, not to point a finger at a person. But when the identity of a problem corresponds with the identity of a particular person, the conclusion is inevitable in the minds of some. In that case, perhaps God is working to expose an iniquity within his church that must be dealt with.

“Perhaps the greater issue is that certain ones now feel their cover is blown, that their own iniquity is now exposed to the light of day, and that they have a choice to make. Either they can turn to God in repentance, or they can go into a denial and discredit campaign. Which will it be? Who am I to say which individual person this article applies to, and which particular person it does not apply to? The article is not a judgment call; it is an expose of the down side of a gift. Do you understand? For me to write another piece, denying that it applies to [name withheld] would be the height of presumption. I am not able to make that judgment call. Only [name withheld] and perhaps those closest to [name withheld] can make that call. And if the shoe fits, will [name withheld] wear it? God is the judge, not me.

“As for Dan Gayman personally, please know that I have a very close personal relationship with this man, both as my minister and as my friend. I talk with him regularly by phone. I see him fairly often. I have invested thousands of man hours and many other resources in his ministry over the past 14 years. He is very dear to me, and I would do nothing intentionally to hurt him. I wrote his recent press release, printed it, and gave it to him without charge. I've helped him with his perceived PR problem with both the media and law enforcement. When the COI had no website, I developed one, and continue to improve it, without charge to him. This website reflects his views, which are not always my own. Why would I want to hurt this man, as you seem to imply? As only one of his many advisors, I am very sensitive to his vulnerabilities, and also his needs, as he perceives them. Whatever differences I may have with him on some few issues in no way diminishes my immense respect for this man, for his ministry and for his wonderful gifts of the spirit that have blessed me and others enormously. If anyone would characterize me as an enemy, it is a joke, a farce!

“Comment #7 along with response #2 below sums up my own views on the article. To the pure, all things are pure.

“Thanks again for giving me your views.

“God bless you! Jerry”
“And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.
And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you” (II Peter 2:2-3).
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