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Shining the Light on a Family in Darkness
“Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! When the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand. And they covet fields, and take them by violence; and houses, and take them away: so they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage. Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, against this family do I devise an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks; neither shall ye go haughtily: for this time is evil. In that day shall one take up a parable against you, and lament with a doleful lamentation, and say, We be utterly spoiled: he hath changed the portion of my people: how hath he removed it from me! turning away he hath divided our fields. Therefore thou shalt have none that shall cast a cord by lot in the congregation of the LORD”
(Micah 2: 1-5).

-Why This Website?

Dan Gayman GaymanGate Church of Israel The Church of Israel
The House that Scott and Lori Stinson Built in 1994

Now Revealed to the Public:
The Private Meeting Between Dan Gayman and Jerry Gentry
Dan Gayman requested a private meeting with Jerry Gentry on the evening of 11/15/00. That meeting was taped at the request of Dan Gayman and a copy was given to Jerry Gentry. Now made available to the public for the first time are the revealing excerpts of that private meeting, which clearly show the true nature of Scott Stinson's departure from the Church of Israel, and expose the cover-up of lies that followed weeks later.
“I'll tell you what Jerry. Here's -- here's -- think of this -- think of it this way. There is a God in heaven who owns the heavens and the earth. And through the benevolent goodness of a good hearted man, a traveling pilgrim, who came through and there were two ministers that didn't have a house to live in. Two houses were raised up. OK? Now, when that house, when you asked as a condition for Scott's departure for that house, Jerry, we didn't bat an eye. Not only that, but we gave without any compunction, we added 10 more acres. And right down the road just, just a few weeks ago, less than a half a mile down the road, that land sold for eleven hundred dollars an acre. So I think that was being very generous with Scott. And his severance pay, now I think that that should have sent a message to Scott Stinson that we have, we have, that we have great feeling for him and his future, that we want him to be everything that God wants him to be. See, Jerry, my philosophy is, when you make other people fulfill their dreams, and be their Joseph Haydn, you become fulfilled in your dreams.”

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***UPDATE 1/29/03! -- NEW WEBSITE!***
***Dan Gayman's Meeting with Jerry Gentry***
***Dan Gayman Records Private Meeting***
***Dan Gayman Denied It Was Blackmail***
***Dan Gayman Praises Jerry Gentry's Role***
***Dan Gayman's Reversal on Scott's Ministry***
***Dan Gayman's Reversal on Scott's House***
***Dan Gayman's Reversal on Jerry Gentry***
***Dan Gayman's New Racial Harmony***
***Colonel Bo Gritz Exposes Molestation!***
***New Board of Trustees Commits Fraud***
***Gentry Family Foundation Demands Repayment***
Listen to Pastor Stinson's Famous Sermon
Listen to the Unedited Meetings
Second Appeal for Resolution Denied
Pastor Stinson Finally Speaks Out!
An Open Letter to Pastor Dan Gayman
Pastor Dan Gayman Speaks Out!
"It is my experience that darkness hates light. Innocence can stand in the spotlight without concern, whereas guilt is exposed. I'm confident that if Dan Gayman and the COI are as sweet as they appear, the Stinsons will be accorded every consideration due a family who has dedicated their lives to God’s work at the Church of Israel. Otherwise, by his own fruit, we will know him, and I will be there to help this gifted family as required."
--- Colonel Bo Gritz, The American Soldier-

"In the spring of 1994, I gave the largest single donation in the history of the Church of Israel believing it would be used for the advancement of the gospel of the kingdom. However, I later discovered that my money had been used to advance the personal real estate holdings, private enterprises and secret sins of Pastor Dan Gayman and his family. Therefore I now feel it is my moral duty before God and man to expose the Gayman family fraud with the same degree of zeal that I for over a decade gave my undivided support.”
--- Jerry Gentry, Donor, Publisher, Media Consultant and Pastoral Confidant

"If the people really knew the moral perversion, hidden financial corruption, and blatant religious hypocrisy that existed behind the closed doors at the Gayman-controlled Church of Israel, they would understand why after years of trying to change it, I finally had to leave and why I now feel so compelled to warn others before they invest years of their life in a family cult reaping millions off religion.”
---- Pastor Scott Stinson, Former Board Chairman and Ordaind Minister-
The History of this Website
Documents of original separation between Scott Stinson and Church of Israel
Terms of Separation between Scott Stinson and Church of Israel
Receipt for Cash Gift to Scott Stinson Ministries
Watchman Article on Scott Stinson
Resignation Letter From Scott Stinson as Chairman of Board of Trustees
Resignation Letter from Scott Stinson from the Board of Christian Heritage Academy
Personal Letter of Thanks to Reed Benson and Gray Clark
Personal Letter from Scott Stinson to the Local Congregation
Sabbath Service Announcement by Pastor Dan Gayman
Photo and Deed to Scott Stinson's House
Minutes of the Meetings
Colonel Bo Gritz' Newsletter
Pastor Dan Gayman's reversal of original agreement
Threatening Letter from Reed Benson to Scott Stinson
Letter from Reed Benson to Jerry Gentry
Jerry Gentry's Telephone Response to Reed Benson
Letter from Church of Israel Attorney to Scott Stinson
Scott Stinson's Email Response
Jerry Gentry's Appeal to Pastor Dan Gayman
Pastor Dan Gayman's Spies Sent Against Scott's Ministry
The Secret Meeting of the Men
Dan Gayman's Contact of the Media
Pastor Gayman's "Spin" Note
Joplin Globe Article 12/17/00
Joplin Globe Article 12/24/00
Joplin Globe Article 01/28/01
Joplin Globe Article 02/04/01
Letter to Globe Editor 02/08/01
Joplin Globe Editorial 02/10/01
Letter to Globe Editor 02/11/01
Pastor Gayman's Paid Ad 02/07/01
Scott Stinson's Letter to Editor 02/13/01
***Dan Gayman's Public Mockery 02/17/01***
Nevada Herald Article 04/15/01
Joplin Globe Article 05/06/01
Dan Gayman's Falsely Ascribed Writings
***Dan Gayman's Forgery of His Son Doug Gayman's Signature***
***Dan Gayman's Letter to the Pharisees (ascribed to Doug Gayman)***
***Dan Gayman's Letter to the Editor (ascribed to Don Fassel)***
***Dan Gayman's Investigative Report (ascribed to Scope Flano)***
Dan Gayman's Cover Up of Child Abuse
Scott Stinson's Letter to the Department of Family Services
A Parishoner's Testimony of Dan Gayman's Cover Up
Pastor Dan Gayman's Attempt to Deceive Bo Gritz
Bo Gritz' Expose of Dan Gayman's Cover Up
New Board of Trustees Commits Fraud
***Dan Gayman Picks Members and Writes Bylaws***
***Church Board Issues Affidavit Against Stinson Deed***
***Church Board Lies About Membership***
***Church Board Shows Issues Nathan Clark New Deed***
***Middleton Deed Restrictions Removed without Board Approval***
***Trytsman Deed Issued Without Seven Signatures***
Information about Scott Stinson
Early History with the Church of Israel
Return to the Church of Israel
Scott Stinson's Academic Credentials
Scott Stinson's Scholarship Awards
Scott Stinson's Dean's Lists
Scott Stinson's Military Service
History of Scott Stinson's House
The School of Dominion
The Vision Publication
The Hunter Ministry
The Boy Scout Troop
Scott Stinson's Watchman Articles
Scott Stinson's Most Penetrating Sermons
***Scott Stinson Was a Paid Minister of the Church***
Scott Stinson's Income Tax Returns
Information about Dan Gayman
What Tim and Sarah Gayman Wrote to Scott Stinson
What Sarah Gayman Wrote to Jerry Gentry
What Mike Corlett Wrote to Pastor Dan Gayman
Laurel Corlett Stands By Her Husband
Laurel Corlett Snubbed By Pastor Gayman
Open Letter to Pastor Dan Gayman from Lori Stinson
The Two Sides of Pastor Dan Gayman
What Dan Gayman Has Said About Cult Leaders
What the Prophets of the Church Have Told Pastor Gayman
The Article that Exposed Dan Gayman
Rejection Letter and Response
What Long Time Supporters Had to Say
Jerry Gentry's Story
Information About Jerry Gentry
The Website that Jerry Gentry Developed for the Church of Israel
What Pastor Dan Gayman Has said about the Website Developed by Jerry Gentry
The Press Kit That Jerry Gentry Developed for the Church of Israel
Articles by Jerry Gentry Sent to Pastor Gayman
Pastor Dan Gayman's Failure to Keep His Word
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“And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.
And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you” (II Peter 2:2-3).
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